Motorcycle, Boat, and Other Personal Insurance
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What is Motorcycle, Boat, and Other Personal possessions Insurance?

Everyone who owns either a motorcycle, boat, or other motorized vehicles can tell you how excited they are when winter finally ends, and they can finally take out their toys. They will probably also tell you that they spend hours each weekend enjoying the open road or the lake. What they probably never talk about, though, is how important it is to have insurance for these things. 

Boat insurance can help cover different vessels such as motorboats, sailboats, or other personal watercrafts if they are stolen, in an accident, or damaged by fire or lightning. Another important feature of boat insurance is that it may cover you in the chance that you accidentally injure someone or inflict damage to their property. Typically, you will find that boat insurance will cover parts such as machinery, permanently attached equipment, fittings, furnishings, and the hull.

Motorcycle insurance is a requirement in most states, and each rider has to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Most liability coverage will not pay for your medical bills after an accident has occurred or pay to have your bike repaired. Instead, it provides coverage for someone else’s medical bills or property damage if you are found to be at fault for the accident.

The Benefits of the Motorcycle, Boat, and Other Personal Possessions Insurance

For anyone who owns a motorcycle or boat, having insurance is a smart investment. Regardless if you are on the road or the water, accidents are bound to happen, and sadly they are more likely to occur than if you were in a car. Over the last five years, accidents involving motorcycles have been on the rise as drivers become more distracted. Boat operators are also in danger of accidents as it is impossible to see what is under the water.

With all the possibilities of injury or damage to your equipment, getting insurance is an easy decision. The coverage that the policy will provide will help shoulder the costs that you might incur from medical expenses or damages to your motorcycle or bike.

Motorcycle insurance

While liability coverage is required, your bike coverage is not typically mandatory, meaning you might be paying out of pocket for repairs or a new bike after an accident or theft. Two options that help protect against these events include collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Both coverages come with a deductible but provide peace of mind that you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to have your bike fixed if someone hits you.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is a great way to protect your watercraft from certain risks. The property coverage option could help pay for repairs to your boat after it has been in an accident. It doesn’t matter if the boat is in the water or on land at the time of the incident, as it will still be covered. The coverage will also provide assistance if the vessel is stolen or parts are taken from it.

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